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Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay Example Though the organization had an effective distinguished record as an initiator of corporate social responsibility, The Body Shop had its blond share of critics. Since 1990, the organization faced high scrutiny regarding its several claims and business activities. Several critics accused that the organization and the founders of the organization are hypocrites as they did not follow the organization values and policies. In the year 1994, according to the report of Jon Entine, the organization did not conduct any charitable contribution or activities in its first 11 years of business operation. Moreover, in the subsequent years The Body Shop contributed less than 1.5% of pre-tax profit to charity (Mallin, 2009, p.71). Moreover, according to Jon Entine, several ex-employees of Body Shop claimed that the organization provides various fabricated products to their target customers. The organization is committed in providing natural and high quality products. Only maintaining the luxurious n ature of the products are not enough to attract the customers. They need to ensure that the products need to be delivered based on the organizational value. It is true that The Body Shop has been taken over by L’Oreal. L’Oreal does use animal testing for cosmetics. On the other hand, founder of Body Shop opposed this concept of animal testing for their cosmetics throughout their business operation of 30 years. Anti-Nestle and Anti-animal campaigners started to boycott the products of Body Shop. In response to this protest, L’Oreal clarified that they did not execute any animal testing since 1989 (Purkayastha and Fernando, 2007, p.12). Moreover, according to a critic’s report, Body shop tried to source ingredients from the organizations that defend and protect all the local farmers’ legal rights. The organization gathered resources for the products in an unethical way that created huge controversy. In response, the organization tried to clarify that they are taken over by L’Oreal. It is not fault at all. Maintenance of business ethics and organizational value is an important parameter of a success ful business. The organization committed that they will provide natural and high quality cosmetics to their target customers. Unfortunately, according to the discussion of several ex-employees it has been found out that they provide several fabricated beauty products. It is a violation of organizational vale and ethics. Customers are considered as the major business growth drivers. It is important for the organization to defend human rights. Effective corporate social responsibility helps an organization to maximize business profits through sustainable business practices. The organizations need to consider social, economical, environmental and legal rights to achieve business objective. Moreover, sustainable business practices helps organizations to increase their brand image and reputation in the competitive global, glocal and local market. Green business strategy includes green consumerism. Body Shop follows aggressive business expansion plans. Major objective of the organization is to make huge money for their important and rich

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Medical Controversies Topics Research Paper

Medical Controversies Topics Research PaperMedical controversies topics research paper should start with a definition of what makes a controversial topic. Some people define it as something that is highly debated, and for which no clear medical evidence has been shown to support or refute a particular opinion or belief.To do a medical controversies research paper, you need to ask yourself what makes a controversial topic a medical controversy, and the reason for that is that it is not one clear issue that the medical community has addressed thoroughly. You could use the research papers as an illustration of what medical experts consider to be a controversial issue.The traditional examples of controversial health care issues would include prescription drugs, childhood obesity, and the medications used to treat terminal cancer. Each of these has been debated for years, and as a result there is no single area of medical expertise that is generally accepted as being settled. It is clear that the area of medical expertise is highly controversial. To the extent that medical practice is not interdisciplinary, the consensus often turns out to be a matter of public debate rather than a settled scientific issue.To do a medical controversies research paper, you need to write a research paper that focuses on the study of the different viewpoints and views on a particular issue. Research studies have shown that medical experts can sometimes become polarized on certain issues, and when this happens there can be wide variation in the opinions of experts.By comparing and contrasting the views of experts, researchers have been able to demonstrate the variety of views that exist. This allows a researcher to draw conclusions about what is really true about the subject. As with any other aspect of medical research, experts with diverse points of view are required to be available for the opinion surveys.You can make a major contribution to medical controversies by making the point that there are multiple issues in medicine that require attention. To do a medical controversies research paper, you should examine the question of which issue is most frequently discussed and find areas where it is not widely discussed. This will give you a starting point for developing your research questions.To do a medical controversies research paper, you need to identify the questions you wish to answer, and then start to look for a way to get access to the knowledge. It is important to get access to the issues so that you can fully describe the problems that are currently being faced, and determine the potential solutions.

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HIS 342 question set 3 Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

HIS 342 question set 3 - Research Proposal Example Left with this dilemma, the masses opted for an authoritarian stagnation that seems so tenacious and powerful because of the domination of the terrorist elements over the scope for any revolution or an alternative arrangement. The 1956 Suez Crisis was an important event in the Cold War era that revealed the chinks in the allied solidarity. The genesis of this crisis lied in the French and the British dominion over one of the world's most important and lucrative sea route that is the Suez Canal that happened to pass through the Egyptian territory (Trueman, 2008). The nationalization of this canal by Nasser in 1956 immensely innervated the British and the French. The US disapproval of the British and the French invasion of Egypt greatly benefitted the USSR, who got access to the much coveted alternative sea route besides the Bosporus that was closely monitored by the allies' intelligence. The other major gainer in this crisis was Israel who crossed over the Gaza Strip and Sinai Desert and gained access to the Straits of Tiran. After the withdrawal of the Super Power sponsors owing to the end of the Cold War and the dilution of the Arab-Israel conflict, it became imperative for the military regimes in the Middle East to chalk out policies that bolstered the cohesion amongst the various constituent elements of the state. The main crux of such policies lied in securing an alliance between the political and economic centres of power (Glenn, 1998). This included an outright domination over the political power through multiple security apparatuses and over the economic power through securing alliances with the local, elitist vested interests. This gave an opportunity to the other totalitarian regimes in the region like Iran and Saudi Arabia to tighten their grip over power by professing themselves to be the custodians of Islamic values in the region. Effect of Oil The discovery of oil in the Middle East changed many countries from being pauper states relying on the international aid for sustenance to being oil rich regimes (Britannica). This assured the countries lying in this region, an uninterrupted access to immense wealth on a continuous basis. The new found oil wealth unleashed an unprecedented and enormous expansion of health facilities, employment opportunities and government services. The quality of life of the people certainly improved with a better access to housing owing to a boom in the construction projects. At a political level, this enhanced the status and clout of these regimes in the international arena. However, this improvement in the economic standards and quality of life failed to accomplish a commensurate revolution in the social and cultural parameters like the women rights and democratic values. Besides, the oil wealth left the totalitarian and military regimes in the region with more then ample resources to tighten th eir

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The Survival Skills for College Students Essay Diaries

The Survival Skills for College Students Essay Diaries How to Choose Survival Skills for College Students Essay The world wide web provides an amazing research tool which can be their very best friend or worst enemy. You will grow a single step closer to becoming the person you've always dreamed you may become. Understand you must understand how to utilize your computer and get around on the Internet before taking an internet course. You want to know how to use a computer or surf the internet. Math is the foundation for many majors and a few of the most exciting and competitive work in the market today. Different small business courses are supplied by us for individuals who wish to boost their personality and also to enhance knowledge. If you must upgrade your computer skills please consider taking one of the outstanding introductory computer courses supplied by COS.. Hopefully, the discussions and the essay examples presented above have enlightened you so that you are now able to begin making your own essay. It's alright to never to try out a Britain essay that you're designated with if you're feeling you wouldn't can design it take utilizing the target audience. Normally, this essay give you the ability to learn something instead of proving that you already know. This essay can help you show your assertions on a particular topic is correct or more truthful than others. Hence, it's recommended to make an outline initially before you get started making your essay. Now, if you are going to produce your own essay, this doesn't imply that you can write everything which you want because this depends solely on your perspective. This essay demands the writer to assess a certain concept, expound this, and set an argument associated with the idea in a very clear and concise way. Writing a satisfactory and readable essay is something that everybody would like to reach. You could also check out the way to outline an essay. Titles of specific relevance include All videos might also be obtained in DVD format. Make a small amount of extra space between your title and your very first paragraph. Share an essay on any subject of your selection. You might also like totally free essay examples. Other forms of essays are totally discussed in the next section. You may have an informal essay. however, it still should have a strong structure. Your customized essay will stick out from the crowd for its originality along with its solidity. The Fundamentals of Survival Skills for College Students Essay Revealed While increasing the quantity of time you dedicate to your studies may be useful, the actual key to becoming a thriving college student is learning how to study smart by learning and applying different study skills and suggestions. A huge issue for a great deal of new students is a mixture of homesickness and a feeling of not quite belonging. It might have been easy in high school to wait until the last minute to finish an assignment and still get a great grade, but that sort of stuff is not going to get the job done for you in college. You're excited to return to school and finish your degree, but suddenly, panic sta rts to set as you wait around for your term to get started. Selecting a suitable set of classes is a significant first step. Attempt to have a copy of the class syllabus so it's possible to see just what the requirements will be for a particular class. It's often beneficial to study in the exact conditions in which you're going to be tested. As a student with a disability, it is vital that you know your disability and the way it affects your capacity to learn and take part in the college experience. That at this point you call family. You're shy and hate having to talk in class. Ideally, an individual should drink about a gallon of water each day. If you know you will unable to attend class one day, locate a dependable person who has notes that you may use to copy. To put it differently, you've got to take responsibility for your own learning. Whenever most online instructors will react to your concerns whenever possible, you will want to be patient. Even though some techniques may apply to a particular area, it's important to create strategic problem solving skills that transfer across the curriculum. One of my finest students said his technique in the very first week of classes was to meet a minumum of one new person in every one of his classes.

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A Fair View of Utopia Essay Topics

A Fair View of Utopia Essay Topics Utopia Essay Topics Fundamentals Explained This dream isn't any more real than al-Wahhab's simplistic comprehension of Islamic history. The thesis will provide you with a guideline on the best way to go about with writing the essay. Your thesis ought to be relevant so the post can use a structure that's flexible in order to fit in the shoes of the readers. Break off your answer in order to cope with several topics separately. Some believe that life is similar to a book, where it's fully scripted already and there's no changing what's already written. The cover of the book tells a wonderful deal about what is going to occur. Knowledge is the info people acquire and use to get a better awareness and comprehension of things. Trading one safe mode for a different. Working also guarantees no cost healthcare. Children will be permitted to be children and grow into the adults they can take pride in. No kid will watch their parent die of any sort of illness. The Honest to Goodness Truth on Utopia Essay Topics It isn't a formula of how exactly, things must be accomplished. Everyone is able to accept realities and the term whine is not part of their vocabulary. Whatever is undeserving of praise isn't valued. There are various things in the standard community than in Jonas's community some may be useful and some might be bad. Society looks very easily shocked. Our society is on no account perfect. Th e people interested in leading the society aren't chosen by means of a majority as the majority isn't always perfect. Public opinion is continually changing, and what's acceptable and more importantly what isn't acceptable is constantly evolving. Folks must also learn how to accommodate the diversities which exist between groups. One reason I like the Associated Press is as it is a non-profit news organization which is based in nyc. On the contrary, it has some rather saddening facets. It is not easy to measure ourselves only through qualities, and that is the reason why experiences matter a lot more now. Thirdly, upheaval regarding skills. In the end, upheaval with regard to the character of work. Your messages and files won't ever be saved on third-party servers. Utopia's data may be used for far more than simply accounting. Real-time data is great for more than simply visualizing usage it may also get artists paid much faster. Utopian priests have the best moral and religious caliber and are seen as the most effective folks in Utopian society. Fundamentalist Christians are not any di fferent. Our society is as unjust as it's just. Consequently, there's no freedom of expression or the liberty of the press for journalists. What You Need to Know About Utopia Essay Topics Utopia, by comparison, had no type of currency. It has been created specifically for you. It is your perfect world or society. Utopia, on the flip side, is an excellent society. If any 2 desires can't be simultaneously happy, true utopia may not be attained because in utopia all desires are pleased. There are plenty of religions in Utopia and all these religions, although enormously different from one another, coexist, are respected, and sometimes even worship in the same area together. Inside my utopia, there'll not be any discrimination of any sort. There will not be any uneducated folks in my personal utopia. It is essential that everyone does their share of the job. Consequently, there'll be a society where folks act rather than being acted upon. So they just think Hey the world is going to end anyway, we may as well enjoy being the last generation. The present world we are living in has so much injustice happening. When you get into you trade, you have to work to find whatever you desire. The need for everybody to work needs to be obvious. In an imaginary planet, there are perfect places that appear to exist but cannot be found in the actual world. In example, if you'd like a new bit of furniture for your house, you will just need to do a job for the neighborhood carpenter and then you'll be paid with that bit of furniture.

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Crossing Ethical Boundaries Between Counselor and Client Essay Example for Free

Crossing Ethical Boundaries Between Counselor and Client Essay Eli Coleman and Susan Schaeffer, authors of the article _Boundaries of Sex and Intimacy Between Client and Counselor_, write, _Dilemma_. A woman comes to see a male counselor and complains of anxiety and depression associated with her recent divorce. She is also deeply concerned about her attractiveness and ability to attract another partner. The thought of single life frightens her. After five sessions, she confesses to the counselor that she is deeply attracted to him. Although she finds him sexually attractive, she is equally or more attracted to his sensitivity, care, and support of her. Emotional intimacy is something her previous relationships have lacked. And, at times, those relationships have been abusive. The Counselor does not know how to respond. He too is attracted and has already fantasized about a relationship with her. But because she is a client, he does not dare reveal his feelings. He knows that allowing a relationship to develop would be wrong. That, however, does not solve the problem. (Coleman Schaeffer 341). For almost every individual, having to go to counseling can be one of the most nerve wracking things a they may have to go through during his or her life for whatever reason. Becoming attracted to your counselor, or learning they are attracted to you, may just as equally give the same nerve wracking feeling. How can things like this be prevented from happening right from the beginning? Is there not a code of ethics a counselor must follow to ensure that there is only ever professionalism during all sessions, and that clients are only seen during counseling sessions and not pursued at any time outside of sessions? Believe it or not, when it comes to the code of ethics that a counselor must follow with his or her patients during sessions, it is very vague and easy to see where violations can be made,  often times without even being fully aware of the violation. Samuel T. Gladding, author of _Counseling A Comprehensive Profession_, states, Some forms of unethical behavior are obvious and willful, whereas other are more subtle and unintentional. Regardless, the harmful outcome is the same. (Gladding 59), in addition to that, What types of intimacy are appropriate? What types are not? These dilemmas are faced by counselors at one time or another. (Coleman and Schaeffer 341). Most programs spend little to no time addressing the prohibition against sexual contact with clients, yet it is the most commonly violated of the ethical principles. Melba J.T. Vasquez writes in her article, _Counselor-Client Sexual Contact: Implications for Ethics Training_. Kathy Hotelling, author of _Ethical, Legal, and Administrative Options to Address Sexual Relationships Between Counselor and Client_, sheds light on the fact that, Many clients do not know that sexual relationships between counselor and client are unethical and, in some states, illegal. They also do not know that they can file a complaint nor do they know the avenues available for doing so. Unfortunately, many counselors also may not be aware of these facts. (Hotelling 233). The article Hotelling writes is all about educating victims of ethical abuse during counseling, because counselors can not only be an abuser, but a victim as well. After a few counseling sessions, Dave asked his counselor to go have a cup of coffee, and he agreed. Initially, Dave was flattered that his counselor liked him enough to spend time with  him outside of counseling. He enjoyed the counselors company and thought it would be nice to have him as a friend. Meeting in this setting, Daves counselor told him much more about himself and that he was having marital problems. Again, Dave was flattered by this display of trust. It made him feel  important. As time went on, Dave and his counselor began to see more of each other socially (e.g., having dinner together, playing racquetball, inviting each other to parties). At one point Daves counselor call him, looking for support. The counselor had just learned that his wife had asked him for a divorce. At this point, Dave began to question the value of his counseling sessions. (Coleman Schaeffer 343). This is a perfect example of roles being reversed, and the counselor becomes the victim in this situation. Counselors, like many of all of their clients, can have their own problems going on outside of the office. However, even if the counselor sees one of their clients in an outside setting, the roles should never become reversed. This becomes an ethical breach in the sense that vulnerability, and weakness come into play for the counselor and the client can take advantage of this, and begin their own form of manipulation on how the sessions may play out. According to Theodoros Giovazolias Paul Davis, authors of the article _How common is sexual attraction towards clients? The experiences of sexual attraction of counselling psychologists toward their clients and its impact on the therapeutic process_, state in the introduction of their article that, Although there is considerable information about the incidence and consequences of sexually intimate relationships between therapists and clients, there is very little documentation of the extent to which sexual attraction occurs in therapy, especially from the part of the therapist, how such feelings are handled, and what the effects on the therapeutic relationship are. (Giovazolias Davis 281-282). Giovazolias and Davis also uncover that, In a survey by Pope _et al._ (1986), it was found that 87% of 575 psychotherapists revealed that they had been attracted to their clients,  at least on occasion. In a more recent study, Rodolfa _et al._ (1994) found similarly that 88% of psychologists had been sexually attracted to at least one  client. (Giovazolias Davis 282). If this is the case, there is clearly a need for a much stronger ethical training program for up and coming counselors who wish to make a profession out of this career. However, this should not just be limited to new counselors, there should also be a retraining program in place for current counselors so that all ethical boundaries can be refreshed in their mind, and violations can be cut down. The training will not only help cut down the violations, but if made mandatory for a pre-determined number of times per year, this issue could be eliminated altogether. Wood, Klein, Cross, Lammers, and Elliot (1985) found that those psychologists who had had an ethics course were more aware of impaired or burned-out colleagues, more likely to seek help themselves, to help and impaired colleague, and to report an impaired colleague to a regulatory agency. (Vasquez 238), This article proposes that not only should ethical training be a required component of every program in the mental health profession but also that emphasis should be given to the problem of therapists sexual contact with clients. (Vasquez 238). So what would be some of the items stressed to future counselors? 1. dressing in a professional manner, 2. conducting counseling sessions only in the traditional professional setting where others are present, 3. furnishing the office in a businesslike manner, avoiding the too crazy ambience. (Vasquez 240). All of these qualities listed are to help not only the counselor keep a sense of their control and integrity, but also the integrity of the clients they service within the counseling sessions. These professional qualities are provided in order to make a safe and comfortable environment for all parties, and to make sure the sessions stay on track. In the article, _Ethics and the Sexual Countertransference,_ Hugh Gee states, Confidentiality is not there to protect the unethical acting out of the patient as in the case where the patient is a danger to themselves or  others. (Gee 74). Many clients who first start out seeing  a counselor will at one time or another think that the counselor is going to tell everyone about their session once it is over. The client, however, does not have to worry about fears such as these. The ethical code that is in place only allows the counselor to disclose information if it is under court order, or the client has threatened to put someones life is at risk. However, what is the policy for a minor? According to authors Madelyn Isaacs and Carolyn Stone, who wrote _Confidentiality with Minor: metal health counselors attitudes towards breaching or preserving confidentiality,_ say, Confidentiality is further complicated when the client is a minor. Societal stressors such as juvenile crime and subs tance abuse, which threaten the well being of children, have created the need for information sharing among agencies, families, and law enforcement units when the information is necessary to protect children (Taylor Adelman, 1998). Prom, DeMartino, and Prout (1999) explained that professionals working with the same child routinely share information with each other, which is quite different from the way adult confidentiality rights are handled. (Isaacs Stone, 2001). This, however, can feel like an ethical boundary breach to the client in question that the counselor would have to report on. The only thing a counselor can do in this position is speak to the client, and let them know that due to their age, they will not have the same confidentiality as an adult would, however, they should still have complete trust in you as a counselor so that you can find some way to help them. Also let them know that it is not just your policy, but the overall code of ethics that every counselor adheres to, so they will receive the same treatment at any other practice they choose to move to. There are many different ways that a counselor can cross ethical lines, either by a complete accident, or in some cases, intentionally. However, what do you do as a counselor when you see one of your colleagues first pushing, and then completely crossing said  boundaries? The ethical principles that guide professionals and the ethical dilemmas that they face have received much attention in recent years. When a professional becomes aware of unethical conduct practiced by a colleague, however, there is little literature to consult on how to respond and intervene. (Levenson, 1986). This article goes on to list the various ways of bringing to your colleagues attention without it escalading to a hostile altercation, and how you can help them deal with it. The steps are as follows: Learning of Misconduct, this involves gathering solid evidence in order to substantiate your claims. If it is just hearsay, it is likely that it will just be overlooked and no investigation will go into it. You can gather evidence from fellow colleagues to see how they see the counselor you are looking into. Evidence can also be gathered straight from the source. You can talk to them, and see how they respond, and in some rare cases they might confess right away. Next comes the intervention for your colleague. Let them know what is happening, if they have not already confessed to it, and how things will be handled in a professional manner from that moment forward. The intervention process can vary from professional to professional. In some cases, they may just be terminated without question, or they can be treated, and they can go from there. In any case, it is a long process, but one that should be started as quickly as possible while all of the evidence is still fresh, and can be presented right away. The longer you try to compile evidence, the more people will want to know why you let the unethical behavior continue for as long as you did before speaking up. The best policy is to just ask as many people as you know about your colleague before you bring light to their behavior. A series of legal cases have sparked considerable discussion around the question of whether counselors can use their religious beliefs as the basis for refusing to counsel lesbian,  gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) clients. This discussion has  illuminated tension between counseling professionals and counselor educators who view LGBT relationships as normal and healthy expressions of love and intimacy (see Whitman Bidell, this issue) and some religiously conservative counselors and counselors-in-training who consider same-sex relationships to be immoral. (Herlihy, Hermann Greden, 2014). The act of a counselor using his or her own religious belief so they do not have to work with certain ethnicities, genders, or people who choose a certain sexual orientation that is different from what they consider normal should be basis enough for an ethical violation. Counselors are people who go into this profession with the intention to try and help people make sense of their lives. By denying them this goes against why they chose to be a counselor in the first place. Regardless of how different someone may be from you, by using your religious belief that you cannot counsel someone shows that you are not able to remain objective in the session. This would have many questioning what other issues you were not able to remain objective about, and it could lead to you being investigated as a counselor. A counselor is supposed to remain neutral in all sessions. They are not there to talk about them, but instead the client, whoever he or she may be, and whatever it is they may do. They decided to come to your place of business, and choose you as a counselor, you should be welcoming new clients, not turning them away due to their background. Men and women who choose to go into therapy are seeking answers and guidance, not judgment. The most important thing a counselor can do before he or she begins a session with a new client is to try and find out who they are. It is always best to know what kind of person you are  dealing with before hand, rather than find out half way down the road they have been manipulating you the whole time, because that is what they are there for. It is also best to know the code if ethics inside and out. Ethics and boundaries crossings can be hard to distinguish and often are understood through opinions. There is a difference between crossing the boundaries and violating the boundaries. Crossing a boundary is a gray area where are violating is black and white. Sometimes crossing boundaries can be defensible however; the counselor must take into consideration all possible outcomes. For example, a chemical dependency counselor may have helped a pregnant addict come clean and get her life back on track so that she was able to deliver and keep a healthy baby. Once the babys born the client may ask the counselor to come visit her at the hospital to meet the new bundle of joy. At this time it would up to the counselor to decide whether or not crossing this boundary is justified. The counselor must look at all angles including the legal ramifications that could possibly take place. Either way, deep thought and consideration from the counselors end is necessary. (Live Rehab). This website goes on to list several other examples of what a counselor should be careful of doing in their profession, such as bartering. Bartering is an exchange of goods or services in place of payment. Bartering is not prohibited or unethical in the counseling relationship however there could be situations when it may not run as smoothly as anticipated. If a counselor decides to barter for services oftentimes the proportion of services to counseling can be extremely off. For example, if a counselor is providing services to a mechanic and the mechanic is having troubles paying for services, he or she may offer to provide car maintenance to the counselor. At first this may seem like a decent deal, especially if the counselors car is due for more than the regular maintenance. Lets take for example, the car needs about $1500 worth of work and the counselor charges $250.00 per  session. If the mechanic is attending sessions once per week this would get him about 6 weeks worth of sessions. What about when the 6 weeks are up? An oil change is about $40.00 and thats only needed every few months. At that point the counselor and client could be progressing in their sessions and since their therapeutic relationship is established it would be a shame for the client to be forced to quit counseling for lack of payment. On the other hand however, since it does not go against the ethical standards of the  counseling profession, the counselor and client could look at the situation as a gained benefit and that is that the mechanic received 6 weeks of service that he may not ever had the chance to get. (Live Rehab). While bartering may not be covered as unethical, it still raises a lot of red flags as to why a counselor would be giving the sessions away for free. It is best to just stay ethical, and out of all trouble things like this may lead to. If you would like people to take you seriously, then you have to act like a professional who takes pride in their presence and shows nothing but integrity. RESOURCES Coleman, E., Schaefer, S. (1986). Boundaries of Sex Intimacy Between Client and Counselor. _Journal Of Counseling Development_, _64_(5), 341. Ethics and Boundaries Ethics and Boundaries What is at stake?. (n.d.). _Live Rehab_. Retrieved April 15, 2014, from Gee, H. (2007). Ethics and the Sexual Countertransference. _Journal of Analytical Psychology, 52,71-88._ Giovazolias, T., Davis, P. (2001). How common is sexual attraction towards clients? The experiences of sexual attraction of counselling psychologists toward their clients and its impact on the therapeutic process. _Counselling Psychology Quarterly_, _14_(4), 281-286. Gladding, S. T. (2009). _Counseling, a comprehensive profession_. (Sixth ed., p. 59). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson College Div. Herlihy, B. J., Hermann, M.A. Greden, L.R. (2014). Legal and Ethical Implications of Using Religious Beliefs as the Basis for Refusing to Counsel Certain Clients. _Journal of Counseling Development_. 92. 148-153. Hotelling, K. (1988). Ethical, Legal, and Administrative Options to Address Sexual Relationships Between Counselor and Client. _Journal Of Counseling Development_, _67_(4), 233. Isaacs, M.L. Stone, C. (2001). Confidentiality with minors: mental health counselors attitudes toward breaching or preserving confidentiality. _American Mental Health Counselors Association_. 23(4). Levenson, J.L. (1986). When a Colleague Practices Unethically: Guidelines for Intervention. _Journal of Counseling and Development._ 64. 316-317. Vasquez, M. T. (1988). Counselor-Client Sexual Contact: Implications for Ethics Training. _Journal Of Counseling Development_, _67_(4), 238.

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Across Five Aprils By Irene Hunt :: essays research papers

Across Five Aprils By Irene Hunt Across Five April's by Irene Hunt is about how the civil war tears apart a family during the hard times of the civil war. There were 239 pages it this story. The book follows the life of Jethro Creighton, a young farm boy in rural Illinois as he grows from a protected and provided for nine year old, to a educated and respectable young adult during the chaos of the civil war. In the beginning of the book Jethro has an incorrect idea of what war is like. Jethro knows little about war except that of what he has heard from old war heroes tales. His brothers get packed away one by one to different sides of the war. Not until then does he realize through conversation at home and haunting letters from his brothers on the battle field, the true horror of war. One brother (whom is only really an orphaned cousin) is a deserter. Jethro writes to Abraham Lincoln in a effort to keep his brother and family out of trouble with the law. Another one of Jethro's brothers joins the confederacy which goes against all opinions and beliefs formed by the Creighton family and surrounding community. At first the Creightons disagree but they come to a decision and decide to respect and accept his choice of beliefs . This causes an upset with surrounding neighbors and they become destructive and rude. Attempts to ruin the life of the Creighton family are made because of their decision. Meanwhile his sister Jenny wishes to marry Shadrach Yale before he leaves for war. Even though he is a very close friend of the family, her father declines their request because he feels she is too young and won't allow her to marry Shadrach or anyone. He and Jenny continue to plan a wedding and he writes Jenny from his station on the battle field and further tension grows between the family and Shadrach's intentions of marrying.